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Italy: Berlusconi's eldest son denies plans for political career

last update: February 06, 16:46

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Rome, 6 Feb. (AKI) - Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi's eldest son Pier Silvio on Thursday ruled out the possibility of following his father into politics any time soon.

"Politics is not about succession is a question of experience and competence," the 45-year-old deputy chairman of Berlusconi's Mediaset empire said.

Asked if he thought any other member of the family would announce their candidacy to lead Berlusconi's party in the near future, he said: "I don't think so".

"If it happens at all, it will be many years from now, after gaining the necessary experience," he concluded.

He made the remarks on the steps of a Milan courthouse, where he and other Mediaset executives are on trial in a case involving fraud and tax evasion by its Mediatrade unit.

Berlusconi's oldest child, Marina, has repeatedly dismissed rumours that she might stand for the centre-right leadership after the Italian supreme court upheld a tax-fraud conviction against her father that carries a two-year ban from public office.

The two-year bar from holding office does not prevent Berlusconi leading his recently relaunched centre-right political party Forza Italia

But the 1 August supreme court ruling heightened speculation that the 47-year-old businesswoman would would follow in her 77-year-old billionaire media magnate father's footsteps.

He was stripped of his seat in the upper house of parliament in November after his tax fraud conviction but remains at the helm of the party and is said to be planning to register as a candidate for European elections, campaigning on an anti-German platform.

A Milan court is due in April to decide if he must serve as house arrest or community service, a year-long prison sentence for his tax fraud conviction.

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