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Italy: Govt should continue reforms say US ambassador

last update: October 29, 15:14

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Rome, 29 Oct. (AKI) - The Italian government that takes office after elections due in 2013 needs to continue the reforms being carried out by the technocrat government of Mario Monti, according to United States ambassador David Thorne.

"America greatly appreciates Italy's news direction, its efforts to achieve economic growth and safeguard the eurozone," Thorne said in response to a question on whether Washington would back another Monti government.

"For this reason, we support this direction for Italy and are very happy it appears to have taken this route to move forward," Thorpe said during a debate held at the Rome headquarters of Italian media group Adnkronos.

Pressed on whether the US would be happy to see Monti, an internationally respected economics professor and former EU commissioner, stay in politics after elections due next Spring, Thorpe gave a diplomatic response.

"Ties between Italy and American have always been strong, and I am sure we will have a very strong relationship with whoever is the next leader."

"We we are certainly very happy for the reform process to continue in Italy," he emphasised.

Amid a deep recession, Monti who will not be running in next year's election, has hiked taxes and imposed tough spending cuts and pension reforms to curb the vast debt load, as well as some measures to boost Italy's chronically low economic growth.

Italy's former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi was forced to stand down in November 2011 and hand over to Monti at the height of a financial crisis which drove up Italy's borrowing costs and threatened to send its public debt of almost two trillion euros spiralling out of control.

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