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Italy: Mursi condemns anti-Islam film during Rome visit

last update: September 14, 15:06

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Rome, 14 Sept. (AKI) - Egypti's president Mohammed Mursi on Friday condemned a controversial US-made film that has stoked protests across the Middle East, saying it was as an “aggression” on Islam that deflected attention from the region's real problems.

“The Egyptian people and the whole world reject these insults to the Prophet Mohammed. We cannot accept this type of aggression and attempt to sow discord," Mursi said on Friday during a visit to Rome.

"Americans also reject these actions, President Obama told me," Mursi added,

"These irresponsible actions yield no good and draw attention away from real problems like the conflict in Syria, the Palestinian question and the lack of stability in the Middle East,” Mursi said

He made the remarks at the end of a meeting with Italy's president Giorgio Napolitano, who also condemned the film, The Innocence of Muslims. In it, an actor playing Mohammed is portrayed as a drunken and predatory bisexual.

"These are despicable phenomena which offend any religion," Napolitano stated.

"Friendship towards the Arab world aimed at aiding its development and growth is a cornerstone of Italian foreign policy," he added.

EU leaders offered Egypt more than a billion euros in aid and better trade terms as Mursi on Thursday flew in for his first visit to Europe pledging to support democratic values.

During his one-day Rome visit Mursi was also due to hold talks with Italy's prime minister Mario Monti, and foreign minister Giulio Terzi.

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