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Kosovo: Early elections possible way out of crisis, acting president says

last update: April 04, 16:43

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Pristina, 4 April (AKI) - Kosovo’s acting president Jakup Krasnici said on Monday early elections may be the only way out of political crisis after last week's resignation of president Bedzet Pacoli.

Krasnici, who took over from Pacoli as acting president, said he would talk to all parliamentary parties to secure a parliamentary majority to select a new president. But if there is no agreement, early elections might be the only solution, he said.

Pacoli, 60, a Swiss-based businessman, resigned after the Constitutional Court ruled that there had been irregularities during his election in parliament on 22 February. His Alliance for New Kosovo (ANK) is a junior coalition partner in the government of prime minister Hashim Thaci.

Pacoli was elected with a tight majority after three rounds of voting, but Kosovo media speculated that the balance of power has changed and that he could no longer muster the needed majority in parliament.

Krasnici, who is also president of parliament, said Thaci’s Democratic Party of Kosovo was considering changing the constitution in the next six months to provide for direct election of president. Krasnici’s term as acting president runs for six months.

“In six months we can bring about constitutional changes in order to elect president by direct vote,” Krasnici said.

But senior ANK official, Ibrahim Makoli, said Pacoli joined the ruling coalition on the condition that Thaci secures enough votes for him to be elected president. “Thaci is obliged to honor the agreement to grant the post of Kosovo president to ANK,” Makoli said.

“If he doesn’t fulfill that, then there is no reason for us to remain in the coalition,” he added.

In the meantime, Pristina media reported that Thaci can’t force even all of his deputies to vote for Pacoli, which would make early elections inevitable.

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