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Kosovo: New government in sight on third anniversary of independence

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Pristina, 17 Feb. (AKI) - Kosovo marks its third anniversary of independence from Serbia on Thursday with prospects of forming a new government early next week based on December parliamentary elections.

Outgoing prime minister Hasim Thaci, who has the mandate to form a new cabinet, held the last government session on Wednesday and said the new government should be in place next week, after the new parliament was constituted on Monday.

Apart from 34 deputies of his Democratic Party of Kosovo (DPK), Thaci has secured the support in the 120-seat parliament of 23 minorities’ MPs and eight deputies of the Alliance for New Kosovo (ANK).

In return, Thaci has pledged parliamentary support to ANK leader Bedzet Pacoli to be elected Kosovo president. But Kosovo media reported that at least eight of DPK MP’s would not support Pacoli, which would make his election impossible.

Thaci, who spearheaded a drive for Kosovo independence, said he was ready for talks with Belgrade, which opposes Kosovo independence, and would continue to build democratic institutions with the aim of Kosovo’s joining the European Union.

He said he believed the talks might ultimately lead to Serbia’s recognition of Kosovo. A total of 75 countries, including the United States and 22 EU members have recognized Kosovo so far.

The United Nations Security Council at a meeting late on Wednesday called for talks between Belgrade and Pristina to start as soon as the new government was formed.

The Council also urged an investigation of reports by the Council of Europe investigator Dick Marty that the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), which, rebelled against Serbian rule in 1998, was involved in illegal human organs trafficking taken from Serb prisoners.

Though he didn’t directly accuse Thaci of organs trafficking, Marty said the operation couldn’t have been carried out without the knowledge of Thaci, who was at the time KLA political director.

Thaci and Kosovo officials have discarded Marty’s allegations as “Serbian propaganda”.

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