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Libya: Gaddafi's death 'means Italy can expel illegal immigrants'

last update: October 20, 18:41

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Rome, 20 Oct. (AKI) - Now that Muammar Gaddafi is dead Italy can repatriate Libyan migrants who illegally entered Italy after the start of Libya's civil war in February, according to the political leader whose party is crucial to keeping prime minister Silvio Berlusconi in power.

"Now we can send the illegal Libyans home," Umberto Bossi told reporters in Rome on Thursday.

Without the support of Bossi's anti-immigrate Northern League party, Berlusconi's conservative coalition would fall.

The Northern League has been vocal about its desire to expel illegal immigrants. Tens-of-thousands of migrants have reached Italy by boat from North Africa since popular uprisings in much of the Arab world have ousted leaders and reduced police and military patrols of those shores.

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