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Libya: Nato will take over operations on 'Sunday or Monday '

last update: March 25, 17:07

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Rome, 25 March (AKI) - Nato will take control of the Libyan operation no later than Monday, Italian foreign minister Franco Frattini said.

"Nato will take take over Sunday or Monday," Frattini said Friday, during a trip to Tunisia where he visited to meet officials to discuss efforts to stem the flow of illegal immigrants that has been reaching Italian shores.

Nato late Thursday announced that the military alliance will take over command of enforcing the UN-mandated no-fly zone over Libya. Twelve countries are now participating the non-Nato coalition aiming to keep Libyan forces from attacking civilians.

Frattini also said he will participate in a meeting of meeting of Nato members in London scheduled for Tuesday.

Frattni's comments echoed those of British Foreign secretary William Hague who on Friday said that Britain expected Nato to take full command of Operation Odyssey Dawn within a few days.

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