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Pakistan: 'Political parties should ban armed wings'

last update: September 20, 17:09

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Karachi, 20 Sept. (AKI) - Nawaz Sharif, head of Pakistan's second-largest political party the Pakistan Muslim League said political parties with armed wings should be banned, DawnNews reported.

The PML-N chief was speaking to a gathering of traders, bankers and political leaders at a local hotel in Karachi.

Sharif was speaking on the country’s declining economy, the power crisis and Karachi’s security situation.

Calling for a ban on political parties with armed wings, Sharif said that neither had the PML-N compromised over peace in Karachi, nor would it do so in the future.

He also discussed the issues of energy crisis and economic decline with the participants and offered his input as to how fight these issues.

Sharif further said that the government was mainly responsible for the power crisis in the country.

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