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Serbia: Ruling coalition approval drops as opposition calls for early elections

last update: April 11, 11:44

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(AKI) - Serbia’s pro-European president Boris Tadic’s ruling Democratic Party and its coalition partners are trailing nine percentage points behind the main opposition group, the latest survey on political approval published on Monday showed.

The survey, conducted by the Faktor Plus marketing research agency, gave the democrats 28.2 percent, while the opposition Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) stood at 37.3 per cent rating, one year before regular elections.

Tadic’s democrats have been suffering a constant downslide losing almost three percentage points in the last two months, as opposition intensifies demands for early elections.

Serbia is grappling with 20 percent unemployment, rampant corruption and organized crime, almost 30 billion euros of foreign debt and the lowest monthly wage in the region of slightly more than 300 euros.

SNS is planning a huge rally in Belgrade next Saturday, demanding early elections. But Tadic has said there would be no election until Serbia gets a status of official candidate for European Union membership, expected in October, which is believed to be his main election joker.

According to the survey, the reformed the Socialist Party of Serbia of former president Slobodan Milosevic, Tadic’s current coalition partner, would cross the 5 percent census with 6.6 per cent if the elections were held now.

Milosevic had been indicted by the Unite Nations war crimes tribunal of genocide and war crimes and died in the Hague jail cell in 2006, before sentencing.

In addition, another one of Tadic’s pro-European potential partners, the Liberal Democratic Party would, would get 6.4 percent.

Former prime minister Vojislav Kostunica’s Democratic Party of Serbia stood at 5.1 percent and ultranationalist Serbian Radical Party at 5 percent of potential votes.

According to the survey, Tadic was still the most popular politician, but only with 23.8 percent support, while his government got approval of only 10.7 percent.

Reflecting on general apathy and disappointment with politicians, the survey showed that of all institutions only the Serbian Orthodox Church enjoyed a substantial trust of 44.8 percent of those surveyed.

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