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Vatican: Bulgarian's diplomatic credentials rejected because of 'homosexual act'

last update: August 06, 14:27

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Vatican City, 6 Aug. (AKI) - The Vatican's rejection the candidacy of a Bulgarian diplomat to become the next ambassador of his country stemmed from is the authorship of a best-selling novel containing a homosexual act, according to Italy's La Repubblica newspaper.

Kiril Maritchov' Jr.s rejection in May is ''punishment'' for the scene written by the married father of two work in his 2005 book "The Fugitive's Road'' which topped the best-selling lists in his home country, the daily said, without revealing where it got the information.

Maritchov, 36 year-old lawyer and writer, is the son of a popular Bulgarian rock musician and the grandson of another Kiril Marichkov, who was ambassador to the Vatican between 1993 and 1997, according to Vatican Insider, a news agency owned by Italy's La Stampa daily that tracks Vatican affairs.

The Fugitive's Road deals with immigration from Eastern Europe to Italy and includes a scene dealing with a male character paying another man for sex.

The rejection of Maritchov diplomatic credentials has strained relations between the Holy See and Bulgaria even with Maritchov's sterling government and clerical references.

The book's ending, in which the protagonist confesses all his sins to God and pleads for his eternal compassion, also did little to put Maritchov in the pope's good graces. Apparently, a diplomat's quest for forgiveness takes somewhat longer at the Vatican.

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