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Bahrain: 'Thirty-one protesters killed, 600 arrested', since February, group says

last update: April 14, 17:52

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Manama, 14 April (AKI) - Thirty-one protesters have been killed in Bahrain since 14 February when government forces began cracking down on anti-government demonstrations, independent rights watchdog Bahrain Center for Human Rights said in a report.

The group said 600 people have been detained, including 30 women.

Bahrain's government in March imposed martial law and, controversially, brought in 2,000 troops from other Sunni-ruled states in the region including Saudi Arabia, to quell the protest movement.

Members of Bahrain's Shia majority population have been engaged in protests against what they see as discriminatory policies by the tiny country's monarchy backed by the Sunni minority.

Bahrain's king Sheikh Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifah imposed a three-month state of emergency giving his country's military chief sweeping powers to put down a pro-democracy uprising that has threatened the ruling monarchy.

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