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Iraq: Hundreds of suspected terrorists arrested in Baghdad

last update: October 14, 16:14

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Baghdad, 14 Oct. (AKI) - Iraqi police have arrested 306 people during a series of round-ups in connection with five terrorist attacks that struck Baghdad on Wednesday.

In the night between Wednesday and Thursday security forces carried out searches in the and Babilionia area south of the Iraqi capital, according to the al-Quds al-Arabia newspaper, which cited the head of Iraq's police.

Police arrested people suspected of being part of terrorist cells that carried out the attacks using car bombs and suicide bombers killing at least 23 people.

Separately, at least 16 people have died from two bomb explosions that occurred late Thursday in Baghdad's Sadr City, a predominately Shia area, according to news reports.

Iraqi security forces are increasingly more vulnerable to attacks as American troops draw down in the run up to their scheduled full withdrawal by the end of the year. Rising violence has prompted discussion about whether a US military presence should be maintained.

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