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Italy: Interior minister eyes security in wake of Bin Laden killing

last update: May 02, 13:46

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Milan, 2 May (AKI) - Italian authorities will be looking at ways to boost security in the wake of Al-Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden's reported killing in Pakistan by US special forces, interior minister Roberto Maroni said Monday.

"Bin Laden's elimination is good news, but we will be doing anything but lowering our guard as a result," said Maroni, speaking during a visit to the northern Italian city of Milan.

"L'Interpol has stated that the risk of terrorism has risen since Bin Laden's killing, a concern which I share." he said. "There is a risk of an immediate reaction," he added.

In a statement on Monday, Interpol chief Ronald K. Noble said Al-Qaeda had been dealt a severe blow by Bin Laden's killing but following his death urged countries' law enforcement authorities to guard against a heightened terror risk from Al Qaeda-affiliated or Al Qaeda-inspired terrorists.

Maroni said that later on Monday he would be meeting with colleagues to decide what extra security measures might be needed to protect citizens against a possible terrorist attack.

Al-Qaeda inspired cells and 'homegrown' jihadist groups such as those active in North Africa could pose a particular threat, according to the minister.

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