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Italy: Number of provinces cut as cost-cutting measure

last update: October 31, 14:36

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Rome, 31 Oct. (AKI) - The number of Italian provinces will be rationalised from 86 currently to 51 and several will be completely new, according to a government decree issued by the cabinet on Wednesday.

"From the current 86 provinces currently which are 107 if those with special statues are included, there will be 51," said public administration minister Filippo Patroni Griffi.

"There will be several completely new provinces in terms of their boundaries and functions," he added.

As soon as from 1 January 2013 there will be fewer provincial administrations as a result of the decree, the minister told journalists.

Italy has various tiers of government and Rome is under pressure to reduce the cost of politics as Italian citizens bear the brunt of austerity measures aimed at bringing Italy's massive public debt load down to a sustainable level.

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