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Kosovo: Anti-corruption prosecutor arrested for bribe corruption

last update: April 03, 17:07

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Pristina, 3 April (AKI) - A special Kosovo anti-corruption prosecutor, Nazmi Mustafa, and two of his associates, have been arrested for extorting bribe, local media reported on Tuesday.

Quoting European Union judiciary mission in Kosovo (EULEX) sources, Pristina Albanian language daily Zeri said Resat and Dzeladin Zerka, Mustafa’s friends, were also arrested in western city of Djakovica.

Mustafa was the head of a special task force for fighting corruption, set up by prime minister Hashim Thaci. He is suspected of extorting huge amounts of money from the people under investigation, to drop charges against them.

Brothers Zerka were his intermediaries in extorting bribe and the case has been investigated by EULEX prosecutors, the paper said.

Mustafa was briefly Kosovo prime minister in 1980’s, while the region was a part of Serbia and the former Yugoslavia. He has held high political posts in Kosovo since it declared independence from Serbia in 2008.

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