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Libya: Pro-Gaddafi group targets hundreds for assassination

last update: November 04, 12:17

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Tripoli, 4 Nov. (AKI) - A Libyan group loyal to the late dictator Muammar Gaddafi says it has a list of 500 names it has targeted for assassination.

"We are ready to initiate a campaign to eliminate all the leaders of the National Transitional Council, killing them one by one," the Libyan Liberation Front (LLF) said in a message posted on several Arab-language web sites, referring to the leadership of the rebels who toppled Gaddafi and now govern Libya.

The group says it was responsible for the recent killing al-Amin al-Manfur al-Manfa, a former confident of Gaddafi son Saif al-Islam changed sides to become an official working for the Transitional Council.

The LLF threatened to expand its targets beyond the initial names.

"This is only the first list that we intend to draw up. There are names of all the traitors that deserve the death penalty," it said.

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