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Libya: Serbian workers attacked by armed Libyans

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Tripoli, 21 Feb. (AKI) - A group of 50 Serbian workers have been attacked and blocked by armed Libyans as unrest and violence in the north African country spread to the capital of Tripoli, the Serbian foreign ministry said on Monday.

The ministry said in a statement there were no injuries and all workers were safe and the government was planning their evacuation in cooperation with Libyan authorities. Serbia had traditionally friendly relations with the regime of colonel Muammar Gaddafi and hundreds of Serbian works have been employed in Libya building roads, factories and infrastructure.

Some workers contacted by e-mail by Belgrade television station B92 said their camp in northern city of Raslanalf was attacked by twenty armed men Sunday night. The attackers took “large quantities of money and an automobile”, but no one was hurt, one worker said.

The unrest which has swept the Arab world, took a violent turn in Libya over the weekend with demonstrators reportedly taking over eastern city of Benghazi and security forces firing live ammunition and tear gas at demonstrators in the capital of Tripoli, western media reported.

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