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Oman: 'Six killed' in Sunday's pro-democracy protests

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Muscat, 28 Feb. (AKI) - Six people were killed in clashes with security forces during pro-democracy protests in Oman on Sunday, according to medical sources in the Gulf state. Earlier reports had said two people had died in in the sultanate, the latest state to be hit by the unrest shaking the Arab world.

Pro-democracy protesters turned out again on Monday in Oman and blocked roads to the key northern industrial area of Sohar, which houses a refinery port and an aluminum factory, according to reports.

Some reports cited eye witnesses as saying security forces opened fire on some 2,000 demonstrators marching to demand jobs and political reform, and used tear gas and rubber bullets to disperse the protesters.

Other reports said troops were deployed around Sohar but were not intervening to disperse protesters.

In Sohar, a main supermarket was burning on Monday after being looted, witnesses were quoted as saying in news reports.

Shipments of refined crude from Oman's port of Sohar are continuing, a port spokeswoman said on Monday, cited by the reports. The port ships 160,000 barrels per day and a range of products from the Sohar refinery, the spokeswoman said.

Sustained protests, blocking trucks and staff from gaining access to the port, could eventually affect marine traffic, she added.

Oman's sultan Qaboos bin Said reshuffled his cabinet on Saturday, a week after a small protest in the capital Muscat. He has ruled for four decades, exercising absolute power and political parties are banned.

In a further bid to ease tensions in the US ally, Oman on Sunday pledged to create 50,000 more public sector jobs and pay unemployment benefits of 390 dollas a month to job seekers.

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