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Pakistan: Bin Laden wives fighting, causing problems

last update: March 15, 16:40

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Islamabad, 15 March (AKI) - Osama Bin Laden has been dead for 10 months but his wives are alive and fighting.

His eldest and youngest wives, 61-year-old Khairiah Saber from Saudi Arabia and 29-year-old Yemeni Amal Ahmed Abdul Fatah, recently had to be separated during a fight in a Pakistan prison, according to a Thursday report by the UK Daily Mail newspaper.

Amal thought her older rival leaked information about their terrorist husband’s whereabouts to American authorities, leading to his death, according to an unnamed source inside Pakistan’s powerful Inter Services Intelligence spy agency who said prison guards were instructed to keep the two apart.

An article by the daily published 12 March said Khairiah was overwhelmed with jealousy that the younger wife was sleeping with bin Laden, prompting her to rat him out to American authorities.

Three of the al-Qaeda leader’s wives and eight children are being detained in Pakistan. He reportedly has five spouses.

The al-Qaeda leader was killed on 2 May during a secret US special forces raid on his compound in the garrison town of Abbottabad. Pakistan said the operation was conducted without its permission, causing tensions between Islamabad and Washington’s already strained relations.

The issue of bin Laden’s widows was already a matter of concern for Pakistan when on 9 March the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Pakistan’s branch of the insurgent group, threatened to unleash a wave of suicide attacks if they were not released from prison.

The wives last week were charged with illegally entering and staying in the country.

The country originally intended to repatriate bin Laden’s family after they were interrogated about how the terror chief was able to stay in Pakistan.

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