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Pakistan: Taliban say they killed former ISI officer for 'betraying' Muslims

last update: April 06, 17:43

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Islamabad 6 April (AKI) - The Taliban in Pakistan said they killed a former Pakistani intelligence officer because he betrayed Muslims by working for his country's spy agency.

Tarar was killed by his captors in January.

Sultan Amir Tarar — better known as Col Imam — who helped the Taliban rise to power in Afghanistan in the 1990s, "is only one hypocrite who has been made to meet his fate, whereas it is actually the responsibility of the Taliban to make a list of those horrible criminals who have betrayed conflicts among Mujahideen," a statement said, according to SITE Intelligence, a US international terrorist tracking organisation based in Bethesda, Maryland.

The statement was released in Urdu, English and Arabic, according to SITE.

The Taliban's statement was a response to the Pakistan army's pamphlet it recently distributed in Northern Waziristan in which it accused the militants of defaming Islam by killing Tarar.

The Taliban in February distributed a video of Tarar's execution in which insurgent commander Hakimullah Mehsud orders the killing.

Tarar was abducted along with his fellow ISI officer Khalid Khawaja and a British journalist Asad Qureshi in March last year. Khawaja was killed soon after the kidnapping. Qureshi and Khan were released in September 2010.

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