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Pakistan: 'US drone strike' kills at least 4 in Al-Qaeda stronghold

last update: May 10, 14:48

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Angor Ada, 10 May (AKI) - By Syed Saleem Shahzad - A suspected US predator drone Tuesday launched a deadly attack on a vehicle in Pakistan's restive northwest. At least four people were killed in the attack in South Waristan - a militant hotbed and Al-Qaeda stronghold - an eyewitness told Adnkronos International by phone from the tribal area.

The suspected drone attack occurred in the town of Angor Ada, near the Afghan border

“People were travelling in four different vehicles in the Angor Ada area when they heard the noise of a drone overhead.," the eyewitness told AKI.

"They tried to change direction but the drone fired a Hellfire missile which struck one of the vehicles and at least four people were killed,” the eye witness said.

The strike occurred at around 4 pm local time and the vehicle's passengers were said to be four militants belonging to the Taliban's chief in South Waziristan's main town of Wana, Nazir Ahmed.

“Generally militants are sent to Angor Ada in the morning or in the afternoon from where they enter Afghanistan at night and plan their attacks,” a local tribal source told AK, speaking on condition of anonymity.

Since announcing their Spring Offensive in Afghanistan, the Taliban have stepped up guerrilla attacks in the war-wracked country and militants are being launched into the Afghan provinces of Paktika, Zabul and Helmand from South Waziristan, according to the source.

Tuesday's attack took place in Pakistan although part of Angor Ada extends into Afghanistan.

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