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Serbia: War crimes indictee Seselj says west is plotting to kill him

last update: March 19, 17:19

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The Hague, 19 March ( (AKI) - Serbian ultranationalist leader Vojislav Seselj, indicted for crimes against humanity, told the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia on Monday western powers were plotting to kill him and were just waiting for a propitious moment.

Appearing in court to answer charges for contempt of court and for allegedly revealing names of protected witnesses, Seselj said his recent health problems were caused by electronic interferences “from outside”.

Seselj, who has been in the Hague detention for the past nine years, was installed a heart pacemaker last January, but had been rushed to hospital several times afterwards for complications which he blamed on outside interferences.

“Someone from outside is doing something and timing the moment to terminate my life,” Seselj said. “The darkest forces of this world, the western powers, with the engagement of its intelligence agencies, are continuing the attacks on my health and we should soon see the outcome,” he added.

Seselj has been charged with crimes against Muslims and Croats, allegedly committed by volunteers recruited by his Serbian Radical Party during 1991-1995 war that followed the breakup of the former Yugoslavia.

He voluntarily surrendered to the tribunal in February 2003, denying the charges and vowing to make a “mockery” of the tribunal. He started his closing arguments in the main trial last week and was expected to end them on Tuesday and Wednesday.

In the meantime, he has been sentenced twice for contempt of court to 15 and 18 months in jail. The third contempt trial is underway.

Seselj, 58, has claimed the tribunal resorted to contempt of court charges and was trying to kill him, because it had no case against him in the main trial and the prosecution proved no charges.

But the prosecution claimed in its closing arguments two weeks ago it had proven charges against Seselj and demanded a 28-year jail sentence.

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