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Italy: Restaurant of World Cup champ Cannavaro seized in anti-mafia operation

last update: June 30, 11:13

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Naples, 30 June (AKI) - A restaurant in Naples belonging to Fabio Cannavaro who led the Italian national team to victory in the 2006 World Cup was seized by police Thursday on suspicion that it was actually owned by a powerful local mafia clan.

The restaurant was impounded along with other eating establishments and bars along the Port of Naples and in other Italian cities on the order of anti-Mafia investigators who suspect they were used to recycle cash made from usury. The head of the Naples police force is also under investigation for allegedly helping organised crime figures tied to the Lo Russo crime family.

Fourteen people were arrested in the operation on suspicion conspiracy to commit crimes, extortion, money laundering and illegally sending capital abroad.

Cannavaro, who is not a target of the investigation, may have allowed his name to be used as the owner of a restaurant actually owned by a businessman with ties to a known Camorra crime figure involved in loan sharking.

The Camorra is one of Italy's most powerful crime syndicates and has its roots in and near Naples.

Cannavaro was the captain of the Italian national team when the Azzuri claimed the title of World Champion after defeating France in the final match of the soccer World Cup in 2006.

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